Asian Thai Foods Pvt. Ltd.

The leading manufacturer of Noodles, and, Snacks in Nepal.

2PM Noodles

2PM Noodles is the most youthful Nepali instant noodles brand. Ever since its inception, we have redefined how noodles are marketed.

2PM Snacks

2PM Snacks are marketed as crunchy, convenient, and delicious, making them a popular snack option for people on-the-go.


Rumpum Noodles is one of the most iconic instant noodle brands in Nepal. And since then has become one of the most loved and consumed instant noodle brands in the country.

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About Us

Asian Thai Food P. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Noodles, Snacks, Biscuits, Confectionery, and Juices in Nepal.


P.O.Box 133, Biratnagar, Nepal
Factory: Sonapur, Sunsari, Nepal

Tel: +977-21-525296  (Office),  +977-25-540660  (Factory)
Fax: +977-21-26903


150 cities and townships in Nepal
All major cities and towns of the Northern & Northeastern States of India
10 cities and townships in Bhutan
Over 25,000 retail counters in the region

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